Simple wireless system that provides an audible and visual alert in the Hoist. Weather proof Up, Down and Emergency call buttons wirelessly transmit a signal to the operators panel in the car.  


The system uses RF signals which transmit up to 2,000 ft and provide uninterrupted communication between the call stations and the operators display inside the Hoist car. These can be used in both temporary and permanent hoist ways. 


The EZCall waterproof operators display is mounted inside the car, powered by 110V power. The Floor Call Stations are weather proof battery powered (2 yrs on an alkaline battery) with a mounting plate for quick installation. Turn the panel on in the car, and you are done. We will configure your original system for your first project, but the logic and programing are made simple to allow the user to set-up his next project if it is different. 

Cost Effective

EZCall is an entry level system which is perfect for single and dual car configurations. It offers visual and audible directional alerts to the operator in the hoist and notifies Emergency Calls.  

Since the Call Stations are synonymous to all three of the systems, you already have the basics for the EZCall Plus and Lift Logic should you ever want to upgrage.



A wireless cloud based system provides advanced features for larger projects with higher car counts. 

High quality, weather proof and durable components bring you to the next level when you invest in the EZCall Plus


The Floor Button signals are captured by the EZCall Plus Hardware and sent to a cloud based program which notifies the operators of calls by floor in the Up and Down direction. An Emergency Call notification system is built in.  Wireless systems set-up fast and eliminate the concern of managing hard cables. The system is designed to work in a temporary and permanent hoist-ways. 



Made of the highest quality components available which are waterproof and capable of tolerating temperatures from -20 degrees to +145. Durable enclosures house all the components of the communication system. The weather proof wireless battery powered floor call buttons are mounted to high grade durable material.  


EZCall Plus is built by a hoist contractor for a hoist contractor. 

Real time information on the location of each hoist; Service reminders for the overspeed and drop test; run distance information improves service effectiveness; emailed daily inspection reporting puts information at your fingertips; Instant SMS message reporting for all Emergency calls directly to your cell phone   

Live Functionality

Optional Ground based display allows the site to post messages, reserve cars for schedule deliveries, and play the informational videos of your choice. 

Lift Logic


The most intelligent of systems in our line-up offers all the functionality of EZCall PLUS with added features.

The most intelligent of systems in our line-up gets even more intelligent with artificial intelligence improvement as the job progresses. 

Real Time Reporting

Lift Logic is capable of receiving calls and putting them through an algorithm to select the proper hoist to maximize efficiency. Defined reporting helps you and your customer make good decisions about this and future projects. You will know how efficient your hoisting is. 

Call for more information

As much as we would like to share all the details here, there is just too much information. Email us or call to schedule a discussion. This is the future of Host call systems for large scale high-rise construction. 

Model Features

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